Who painted The Kiss painting?

Who painted the portrait The Kiss?

The Kiss, 1907 by Gustav Klimt. The Kiss is Klimt’s most popular work and visitors flock annually to see it in Vienna’s Austrian Gallery. At a remarkable 72in x 72in (180cm x 180cm), its powerful presence resounds from the wall as the life-size figures, wrapped in gold, embrace.

Who painted the famous gold painting The Kiss?

ArtistGustav Klimt
MediumOil and gold leaf on canvas
Dimensions180 cm × 180 cm (71 in × 71 in)
LocationÖsterreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna, Austria

Who is the woman in Klimt’s The Kiss?

One such muse is Emilie Flöge, the woman long rumoured to be the woman in Gustav Klimt’s masterpiece The Kiss. Born in 1874, Flöge possessed the usual suspects of beauty and charm, but she was also an innovative fashion designer, businesswoman and radical.

Where is the original painting The Kiss?

The original painting hangs on display in Vienna’s Belvedere complex. The institution has several locations within the museum area, but you want Upper Belvedere palace; The Kiss makes up part of the permanent exhibition there.

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