Which country is famous for painting?

1. Rome, Italy. The Vatican Museum alone earns Rome its place on any artistic list.

Which country is best for painting?

  1. Italy. Reason: artistic culture and environment, good programs.
  2. Belgium. Reason: high-quality education, welcoming environment, many artistic attractions, theoretical and practical learning.
  3. United Kingdom.
  4. Mexico.
  5. The Netherlands.

Which country is best for arts student?

  • #1. Paris, France.
  • #2. Florence, Italy.
  • #3. Prague, Czech Republic.
  • #4. Beijing, China.
  • #5. Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • #6. Athens, Greece.
  • #7. Melbourne, Australia.
  • #8. Cape Town, South Africa.

Which country is the best in drawing?

1. France. You cannot go wrong in pursuing art studies in France. The country’s majestic architecture and landscapes exude the need to capture their beauty as an artwork.

Which country is best for art and craft?

  • Florence, Italy. Despite initial appearances, Florence is no stuck-in-amber Renaissance city, but the fact that it can seem that way speaks to how well-preserved and significant it is from a historical and cultural perspective.
  • Rome, Italy.
  • Paris, France.

Who is world famous artist?

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) – Click here to create your own Mona Lisa. Leonardo da Vinci, probably the most important Renaissance artist, is widely recognised as the most famous artist of all time.


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