Where is mickalene Thomas from?

Where did mickalene Thomas grow up?

Discovered Art Through Therapy – Mickalene Thomas was born January 28, 1971, in Camden, NJ and raised mainly by her grandmother in a community of strong women.

What year was mickalene Thomas born?

Mickalene Thomas was born in 1971 in New Jersey ; she lives and works in Brooklyn (New York). A multidisciplinary artist among the most well-known within the contemporary art scene in the U.S., Mickalene Thomas has participated since 2003 in numerous national and international exhibitions.

Who is mickalene Thomas represented by?

Thomas is based in New York City. She is currently represented by Lehmann Maupin in New York and Rhona Hoffman Gallery in Chicago. Susanne Vielmetter represents her Los Angeles projects.

Does Mickalene Thomas have children?

FOR THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS, Brooklyn-based Mickalene Thomas has decamped to a property in Salisbury, Conn., during “kids-away-from-school” time with Racquel Chevremont, her partner in work and life, and their three children.

Who represents Derrick Adams?

Adams will continue to be represented by Rhona Hoffman Gallery in Chicago. Described by the galleries, Adams’s practice “engages the ways in which individuals’ ideals, aspirations, and personae become attached to specific objects, colors, textures, symbols, and ideologies.


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