Where do you put mountain paintings?


Is Mountain painting good for home?

Serene water and mountain paintings are the best to keep the calm and peaceful energy flowing in the house. A painting with a water body represents the things flowing smoothly without getting stuck. You can hang these paintings in the study, kitchen, or living room.

Are Mountain Pictures good feng shui?

A mountain defines support in the feng shui art world and a representation of it is considered to be very auspicious for a home. A mountain painting, like the one depicted in the image above, should be placed in the back for support. You can have one behind your seating in the office for protection.

What paintings are good for bedroom?

  • Radha Krishna Painting.
  • Dark Paintings.
  • Paintings of Wars.
  • Pictures Depicting Fire.
  • Abstract Art.
  • Portraits of Late Ancestors.
  • Water Element Pictures.
  • Family Photographs.

Is abstract painting good feng shui?

Abstract art is the art form that most suits and reflects the ideals of feng shui.

How do I feng shui my office?

  1. Place a plant or fountain near your workspace.
  2. Diffuse calming oils to create balance.
  3. Keep your desk clutter-free.
  4. If your back faces the door or entrance of your cubicle, try placing a mirror at your desk, so you can at least see the entrance.
  5. Invest in a good chair.

What do mountains represent in feng shui?

Mountains are vital for good Feng Shui in the environment and signify the source of heaven luck. They also provide stunning support and backing, anchoring you firmely and preventing you from being sweptt away by misfortune, bad luck or betrayal.

Which type of painting is lucky for home?

Lotus flower painting, lake painting, and cherry blossom feng shui paintings are considered good for home. They are believed to bring good luck and peaceful energy in home.

What painting should not be kept at home?

It is a grave and symbolize death and passivity. Painting or statues of animals: The pictures, painting and statues of animals and birds like pigs, snakes, asses, eagle, owls, bats, vultures, pigeons and crows etc. should be avoided.

In which direction painting should be hanged?

5. The family photograph or painting should be kept or hanged in the South direction. If there is a picture of children, landscape or green forest in the West direction then it has a positive effect in the house.


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