What was Jackson Pollock’s first painting?

Very late in 1943, possibly in the early weeks of 1944, Pollock painted his first wall-size work, called Mural (c. 1943–44).

When did Jackson Pollock start painting?

Career (1936–1954) Pollock was introduced to the use of liquid paint in 1936 at an experimental workshop in New York City by the Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros.

How much is an original Jackson Pollock painting?

Pollock’s current auction record is $58.4 million, set in 2013 for Number 19 (1948) at Christie’s New York. To date, more than eight Pollock works have sold for over $20 million apiece at auction, according to the Artnet Price Database.

When was the first Pollock show in New York?

From 1942, when he had his first one-man show at Peggy Guggenheim’s New York gallery, “Art of This Century,” until his death in an automobile crash at age forty-four in 1956, Jackson Pollock’s volatile art and personality made him a dominant and revolutionary figure in the art world.

What painting made Jackson Pollock famous?

One: Number 31, 1950 is a painting produced by Jackson Pollock in 1950. In the summer and autumn of 1950, the artist produced three wall size paintings which included this one too. The dimension of this painting are 269.5 x 530.8 cm. This is one of the most famous Jackson Pollock paintings.

When was Lavender Mist painted?

Number One, 1950 (Lavender Mist) embodies the artistic breakthrough Pollock reached between 1947 and 1950. It was painted in an old barn-turned-studio next to a small house on the East End of Long Island, where Pollock lived and worked from 1945 on.

How did Jackson Pollock create his paintings?

Pollock’s technique typically involved pouring paint straight from a can or along a stick onto a canvas lying horizontally on the floor. It’s often referred to as the “drip technique,” but that’s a bit of a misnomer in the parlance of fluid mechanics, Zenit says.

What is Jackson Pollock best known for?

  • One: Number 31, 1950.
  • Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist)
  • Convergence, 1952.
  • Mural, 1943.
  • Autumn Rhythm (Number 30), 1950. Year: 1950.
  • The Deep, 1953. Year: 1953.
  • The She Wolf, 1943. Created: 1943.
  • Full Fathom Five, 1947. Medium: Oil Paint.

How many paintings did Jackson Pollock paint?

He painted a total of 363 paintings in his short 44 years of life. The circumstances around his death were tragic and are widely known, in part, thanks to the Hollywood movie Pollock.

Are Jackson Pollock paintings copyrighted?

Established under the will of Jackson Pollock’s widow, Lee Krasner, the Pollock-Krasner Foundation owns copyright to all works by Pollock and Krasner though its receipt of Krasner’s estate, which, at her death in 1984, was valued at tens of millions in cash, art work, and reproduction rights.


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