What type of artist is Van Gogh?

What type of art was Van Gogh influenced by?

Van Gogh had varied inspirations, including Dutch genre painting and the realist paintings of Millet and his contemporaries, but he was particularly influenced by Japanese woodblock prints.

Did Van Gogh paint Japanese style?

Influence of Japanese art on van Gogh – Régamey created woodblock prints, followed Japanese techniques, and often depicted scenes of Japanese life. Beginning in 1885, Van Gogh switched from collecting magazine illustrations, such as Régamey, to collecting ukiyo-e prints which could be bought in small Parisian shops.

Why is Vincent van Gogh an important artist?

Although Van Gogh’s life is both fascinating and tragic, it’s for his artistic genius that he is most famous. One of the most influential artists ever, Van Gogh’s legacy derives from his ground-breaking use of color, dramatic and vigorous brushwork, and unusual subject matter choice for his paintings.

What type of prints did Van Gogh collect and why?

He preferred prints with bright colours and attractive motifs, such as geishas in kimonos and exotic landscapes.

Was Van Gogh a realist painter?

After relocating to the Netherlands, Van Gogh began taking art lessons from artist Anton Mauve. Inspired by Realism, he became a “peasant painter,” producing gritty depictions of life in the countryside.


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