What kind of paint did Maud Lewis use?

Material Considerations – Maud Lewis was no stranger to poverty, and she used different materials for her paintings at various times. Early on, she frequently used whatever paints Everett could find for her, most often oil-based boat and house paint.

How much is an original Maud Lewis painting worth?

The Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis never sold a work for more than $10 during her lifetime. But on May 14 at an Ontario auction, one of her paintings fetched C$350,000 ($272,000), more than ten times its high estimate—thanks, in part, to its colorful backstory.

Where can I see Maud Lewis paintings?

Lewis remains one of Canada’s best-known folk artists. Her works and the restored Maud Lewis House are displayed in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Lewis was born Maud Kathleen Dowley on March 7, 1903 in South Ohio, Nova Scotia, the daughter of John and Agnes (Germain) Dowley.

What paint does James Lewis use?

Lewis: The original artwork is painted with a home made mixture of acrylic paint, matte medium, and flow enhancer. The consistency and pigment of the paint is really important to produce the clean lines and vibrant matte finish.

How did Maud Lewis start painting?

She had been born with almost no chin and was always much smaller than everyone else. However, Maud seemed to be a happy child who enjoyed the time she spent with her parents and brother. Maud’s mother started her painting Christmas cards to sell and thus her career as an artist began.

What happened to Maud Lewis child?

Her older brother, Charles, claimed the family inheritance and made no provision for his only sibling. About the same time, Lewis bore a child out of wedlock. The baby girl was put up for adoption and never saw her natural mother again.


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