What is metal sculpture in art?

Metal sculpting, or alloy casting, is the process of creating objects of metal by pouring liquid metal into molds to form them in sculptures or other items. Copper, brass, bronze, and aluminum are the most common materials poured into molds. Making a metal sculpture is relatively easy and inexpensive.

What is a metal sculpture called?

Bronze is the most popular metal for cast metal sculptures; a cast bronze sculpture is often called simply “a bronze”. It can be used for statues, singly or in groups, reliefs, and small statuettes and figurines, as well as bronze elements to be fitted to other objects such as furniture.

How is metal art made?

Using a hand-held cutting torch, NOT A LASER, each delicate precision cut is made, creating highly-detailed, individual components, to be later layered, into a dramatic, life-like, three dimensional scene . Each scene, with all of its detail, is a unique creation unto itself. No two pieces are exactly alike.

What is metal wall art called?

Metal prints, also known as metallic prints, are modern, high definition art pieces made of a sleek metal panel (usually aluminum), layered with any image of your choosing.

How long does it take to make a metal sculpture?

For metal sculptures, the process can be as little as three weeks and larger more complex works can take 6 months. A consultation can reveal what processes, scale, materials are needed to accurately time delivery.

What was the earliest process to make the metal sculpture?

The lost-wax process is the traditional method of casting metal sculpture.

What does metal mean in art?

Any art work that is crafted from the ‘ores of the earth,’ including bronze, gold, tin, lead, silver and iron is defined as metal art.

What is metal craft in art?

Definition of metalcraft – : the art of executing artistic designs in metal (as in repoussé work, chasing, inlaying)

What is metal craft and why it is important?

Metalcraft is useful around the home and garden. It’s not just for wrought iron projects. With Metalcraft you can make brackets, clips, straps, special fasteners and sort those tricky repair jobs around the house. For the garden you can make fences, gates, trellis and supports for plants and trees.


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