Is gesso necessary for acrylic painting on wood?

The gesso is necessary for raw canvas, wood, and other surfaces because it provides paint adhesion.

Can I paint on wood without gesso?

So, oil painting on wood without Gesso is possible, and the alternatives are all pretty decent in their own way. But ultimately, Gesso is just more convenient and preferred over the alternatives. Using primers will also add the use of sealants, which you can avoid if you are working with Gesso.

Does wood need to be primed for acrylic paint?

When applying acrylic paint on wood without primer, your project is unlikely to turn out in the desired way. Applying a thin layer of wood primer will help seal the wood, allowing the acrylic paint to apply easier. When a layer of primer is applied, lighter colours will also appear more vibrant.

Can I paint directly on wood with acrylic?

Does acrylic paint work on wood? YES. Acrylic paint is a great option for wood because it won’t shrink or crack the surface. Simply clean your wood with soap and water, apply an even coat of acrylic to remove any bubbles created by drying time (10 minutes).

How do you prepare wood for acrylic paint?

A general rule is to apply at least two coats of sealer directly onto the raw wood to protect the wood. Then over these sealer layers when dry, apply primer to (1) enhance adhesion (2) return tooth to the surface, and (3) whiten the surface for optimizing paint colors applied over it.


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