How were Mughal paintings made?

Generally made as miniatures either as book illustrations or as single works, Mughal painting evolved from the Persian school of miniature painting with Hindu, Buddhist and Jain influences. These paintings evolved during the rule of various Mughal Emperors in India.

What materials did Mughal artists use?

The most common was verdigris, copper chloride produced by the reaction of copper metal with salt water. Metallic pigments were also used, including gold in painted powder form, and a tin metal that was silver in color.

What techniques were used by the Mughals to build and maintain their empire?

The Mughals had built their empire by making good use of India’s resources, developing its production capacity, and supporting a very rich Muslim-dominated trade system in the Indian Ocean.

Who made Mughal paintings?

The Persian master artists Abd al-Samad and Mir Sayyid Ali, who had accompanied Humayun to India in the 16th century, were in charge of the imperial atelier during the formative stages of Mughal painting. Many artists worked on large commissions, the majority of them apparently Hindu, to judge by the names recorded.

What were the two main features of Mughal painting?

  • Confined to Mughal court: Mughal painting remained confined to the Mughal court and did not reach the people.
  • A synthesis of Indian and Persian elements:
  • Main themes of painting:
  • Abundant use of colours:
  • Climax of Mughal painting:


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