How much is The Kiss painting worth?

The sale price of 25,000 crowns – roughly $240,000 in contemporary U.S. currency – was five times higher than that of than any painting previously sold in Vienna.

What is Gustav Klimt most expensive painting?

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I is a painting by Gustav Klimt completed in 1907. According to press reports it was sold for US$135 million to Ronald Lauder for his Neue Galerie in New York City in June 2006, which made it at that time the most expensive painting ever sold.

Did Oprah buy Klimt painting?

Oprah owned one of the most expensive paintings in Viennese art history. In 2006, Winfrey purchased a 1912 Gustav Klimt painting at Christie’s auction house for an astounding $87.9 million.

Who owns the most expensive painting in the world?

Artist of PaintingPaul Gauguin (1848 – 1903)
Price Paid for Painting$229 million

What is the highest price ever paid for a painting?

The world’s most expensive painting to sell at auction is Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, which sold for $450.3 million on November 15, 2017 at Christie’s.

Why is Van Gogh so expensive?

People pay more for work by known artists. They pay more for known deceased artists, too – hence prices for Van Gogh’s works. So far, this is only the cost of making a work of art.

How much did the last Van Gogh sell for?

It is not considered one of his best works. The last Van Gogh sold at a public auction, “Labourer in a Field” from 1889, went for $81 million at a New York sale in 2017. Specialists knew of the work but it was only catalogued as a black-and-white photograph and was acquired by a French family around 1920.

How expensive is the kiss?

Klimt has been the rising star of the Modern art world over the past few years, with notable paintings such as The Kiss and Adele Bloch-Bauer which in 2006, snatched the title of most expensive oil painting ever sold at auction, $135 Million.

Did the Gucci’s own a Klimt?

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I
ArtistGustav Klimt
TypeOil and gold leaf on canvas
Dimensions140 cm × 140 cm (55⅛ in × 55⅛ in)

Who owns the woman in gold painting now?

An arbitration panel in Vienna would ultimately award Altmann ownership of the paintings. In June 2006 cosmetics magnate Ronald Lauder purchased Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I for $135 million — then the highest price ever paid for a painting — for display in Manhattan’s Neue Galerie, a sale brokered by Christie’s.

How much is Gustav Klimt painting worth?

Gustav Klimt’s work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from 7 USD to 87,936,000 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork.

Did Maria Altmann get her necklace?

She had just married opera singer Fritz Altmann and her uncle had given her Adele’s diamond earrings and a necklace as a wedding present. But the Nazis stole them from her — the stunning necklace she wore on her wedding day was sent to Nazi leader Hermann Göring as a present for his wife.

Was The Kiss painting stolen?

The Stolen Kiss
MediumOil on canvas
Dimensions45 cm × 55 cm (18 in × 22 in)
LocationHermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg

Who stole the paintings from Mrs Altman’s family?

Maria Altmann
DiedFebruary 7, 2011 (aged 94) Los Angeles, California, US
NationalityAustrian (1916–1945) American (1945–)
Known forThe recovery of five family-owned paintings by Gustav Klimt, stolen by the Nazis during World War II
Spouse(s)Frederick “Fritz” Altmann (m. 1937–1994; his death)

What is a stolen kiss?

A “stolen kiss” can refer to any kiss you weren’t prepared for, whether it was an unwanted kiss from an undesirable source or a pleasant surprise kiss from your sweetheart. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s important to let the person who kissed you know how you feel about the kiss.

Who owns The Kiss Klimt?

A dazzling gold-flecked 1907 portrait by Gustav Klimt has been purchased for the Neue Galerie in Manhattan by the cosmetics magnate Ronald S. Lauder for $135 million, the highest sum ever paid for a painting.

Where is The Kiss statue located?

The Kiss
Dimensions181.5 cm × 112.5 cm × 117 cm (71.5 in × 44.3 in × 46 in)
OwnerMusée Rodin

Where is The Kiss Klimt hanging?

The painting now hangs in the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere museum in the Belvedere, Vienna, and is considered a masterpiece of Vienna Secession (local variation of Art Nouveau) and Klimt’s most popular work.

Who created the painting The Kiss?

Gustav Klimt

Are there any Klimt paintings in Vienna?

Many of Klimt’s works, especially those from his early years, are on permanent display in Vienna: in the Secession, the Burgtheater, the Kunsthistorisches Museum and in the MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna.

Where is the Klimt woman in gold located?

When was The Kiss painting made?


How big is The Kiss painting?

5′ 11″ x 5′ 11″

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