How many buildings has Hundertwasser designed?

NameHot Springs Village, Bad Blumau (Thermendorf Blumau)
Year started1993
Year completed1997
PlaceBad Blumau

What did Hundertwasser invent?

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (Austrian, 1928 –2000) – He developed his own theory of transautomatism, which was inspired by the Surrealist concept of automatism (painting or drawing without conscious self-censorship), and sought to loosen the rigid rules of conventional art to emphasize the viewer’s experience.

How long did Hundertwasser live in New Zealand?

Hundertwasser, one of the 20th century’s most celebrated European artists, spent 30 years living near Kawakawa before his death in 2000.

How did Hundertwasser make his art?

Hundertwasser made many of his paints himself. He painted with watercolours, in oil and with egg tempera, with shiny lacquers and ground earth. He used various paints in one painting and put them next to each other, so that they contrasted not only in their colour but also in their texture.

What impact did Hundertwasser’s art have on the environment?

Hundertwasser himself has realized his ideas of living in harmony with the laws of nature in his modest retreats in the Waldviertel, Normandy, Venice and in his valley in New Zealand, where he planted more than 100,000 trees, created canals and ponds and built water treatment plants.

Why does Hundertwasser not use straight lines?

As a proponent of radical human expression, Hundertwasser sought to create structures that were free from straight lines, which he saw as constricting and devoid of organic elements.

How do you pronounce Friedensreich Hundertwasser?

How to pronounce Friedensreich Hundertwasser in German 640×480 …

When was Hundertwasser died?

Hundertwasser died of a heart attack on 19 February 2000 on board the Queen Elizabeth II. As requested he was buried in harmony with nature on his land in New Zealand, in the Garden of the Happy Deads, under a tulip tree.

What kind of buildings did Hundertwasser design?

The hotel complex designed by Hundertwasser at the hot springs of Bad Blumau, Austria was the architect’s largest project. Opened in 1997, the hotel belongs to the chain Rogner International Hotels & Resorts, and has become a landmark in itself.

Where are the Hundertwasser buildings?

The Hundertwasser House in Plochingen is an architectural and artistic eyecatcher in this southern Germany town. The inner courtyard of the complex was designed by Hundertwasser.

Who designed undulating buildings?

Zaha Hadid-Designed Tower’s Undulating Exoskeleton Throws Team Big Curves. With undulations on its faces, the 1000 Museum residential building looks unlike anything in the city.

What artist designed undulating buildings?

How Alvar Aalto’s Undulating Glass Curves Inspired Skidmore, Owings & Merrill’s Stunning New Manhattan Skyscraper. Architect Roger Duffy discusses his design for the new luxury residence on East 57th Street and its reference to the modernist master.

Who is Hundertwasser fact file?

Hundertwasser was commissioned by the German government to design a poster for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. During his lifetime, he owned homes in New Zealand, Austria, France, and Italy. He also spent some time believing on his sailboat, Regentag (Rainy Day).

What else was Hundertwasser known for?

Friedensreich Hundertwasser
Died19 February 2000 (aged 71) aboard the Queen Elizabeth 2
NationalityAustria New Zealand (in later life)
Known forArt architecture writing
Notable workHundertwasserhaus Waldspirale KunstHausWien

How many paintings did Hundertwasser do?

Friedensreich Hundertwasser – 82 artworks – painting.

How much is a Hundertwasser painting worth?

The most expensive piece of art by Friedensreich Hundertwasser in our art price database was sold at 5 Dec 2017 by the auction house Christie’s for €523,500(ca. US$619,535). The price distribution shows that most of the artworks are sold between US$1,000 and US$5,000.

How does Hundertwasser use Colour?

Hundertwasser uses colors instinctively, without associating them with any sort of symbolism, either traditional or self-invented. He prefers intense, radiant colors and loves to place complementary colours next to one another to emphasize, for example, the double movement of a spiral.


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