How do you store R&F pigment sticks?

Julie Snidle on extending the life of her Pigment Sticks and categorizing color I store my Pigment Sticks in Ziploc bags, which are then stored in plastic clip bins with lids (such as Sterlite). Separate bags are used for new and used sticks.

How do you keep artist oil paint from drying out?

  1. Method #1: Put your palette in the freezer.
  2. Method #2: Put your palette under water.
  3. Method #3: Transfer your paint to a plastic box with compartments and add water.
  4. Method #4: Put plastic wrap on your palette.
  5. Method #5: Plastic wrap and freeze.

What temperature should oil paint tubes be stored at?

The best way for artists to store used oil paints and keep them from drying out is to place them on a glass plate with a cover and place it in the freezer at around zero degrees. Depending on the pigment, some colors will last for days or even weeks using this method.

Can you store oil paint in jars?

No. The reason paint is tubed is to prevent any contact with oxygen, which starts the oil oxidation (drying) process. Paint stored in capped tubes will store indefinitely. Once it is out of the tube, paint starts to oxidize.

How long can you keep oil paints?

Oil paints are one of the longest lasting art materials around. They could have a shelf life of 30 to 40 years, depending on their makeup and the conditions under which they’re stored.

How do you keep paint from drying out?

Bring a small spray bottle (also called a mister or atomizer) filled with water so that you can lightly mist your palette with water as often as necessary to keep the paints moist. Distilled water is recommended for best results, but if you don’t have any on-hand you can use normal tap water, too.


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