How can I match my art to my room?

To match, choose artwork that features colours in the same palette. It doesn’t have to match exactly. It’s okay if the hue and the lightness is different – it will still appear complementary. To clash, choose a piece of art that features a dominant colour which is radically different from the rest of the decor.

Does art in a room need to match?

In general, our advice is no, your wall art doesn’t need to be the same colors as your sofa, area rug, and drapery to still be a beautiful and fitting addition to your space.

How do you mix and match art?

Another simple way to mix and match art is to choose pieces based on patterns. I have always been a fan of bold graphic patterns and mixing in graphic patterns with one more organic pattern can still be very successful. The key factor in this pairing is that there is some type of pattern in your art.

How do you mix art styles?

One way to combine different art styles and still have the space look put together is to choose something in common. It could be the same color palette, a central theme like locations you have visited or subject matter you love, similar art mediums, or similar frames and mats. To liven things up, add some contrast.

What kind of art looks good in the bedroom?

In the bedroom, the safest walls for painting are immediately above the bed or on the wall opposite the bed. The best pieces are large in size and can be hung at eye level. Look for abstract artwork with calming shades or tones. Keep the frames simple; a gallery frame or canvases would suffice.

How do I make an art deco bedroom?

Bringing the Art Deco look to your own bedroom doesn’t always require furniture upgrades: Incorporate geometric patterns and curved lines, then opt for classic, bold colors of the style mixed with decorative metallic accents.

How do I find art for my space?

  1. Art is An Opportunity for Self-Expression.
  2. Consider Your Available Wall Space.
  3. Consider Your Existing Decor.
  4. Pair Complementary Styles + Colors Together.


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