Can I make prints of a painting I bought?

And if you do not own the copyright to your original artwork that you’ve just bought then you do not have the right to make prints of it and sell it. You need the artist to sign over the copyright to you if you want to make and sell prints of the artwork that you just bought.

Can I make prints of a painting I own?

Copyright & Ownership – Copyright includes the right for you to print, copy, distribute and adapt your work. So when you create an image or an artwork then copyright automatically exists in that work and it belongs to you.

How do I convert my paintings to digital?

Open them up in Photoshop. Create a new document in Photoshop that is the size of you original piece at 300 DPI (Or the same image resolution as your scans). Bring your scans into that new document and put each piece on a separate layer. Now you can start lining them up.

How do you print art at Staples?

  1. Navigate to > Services > Printing Services > Same Day Services > Documents and then choose “simple print” or click here.
  2. Upload your print and ensure it looks as expected.
  3. Select Letter Paper (8.5 x 11) and the needed orientation.
  4. Select the 110lb.

How do I scan large pieces of art?

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